Well, hello. How are you coping with the heat – enervating, as it is. I’m reminded of the ditty, “As a rule a man’s a fool. When it’s hot he wants it cool.”  But, I’ve used that rhyme before. I remind myself that the winters are long, and cold. The temperature is uncomfortable now but the evening breezes are delightful. One must enjoy these days. Take nothing for granted, take shelter from the sun, stay cool, stay calm, drink lots (of water), rest, and relax – except on Saturdays. On Sundays, what do you think? Please click on the Bike Radar link below for a different perspective on riding a bicycle.

Here’s the tentative plan for Saturday, assuming winds are from the north-west:

Meet at Stinsons at 7:30 am 7:30 am and ride to Renfrew and Calabogie via Burnstown, Pucker St, Norton, #508, Burnstown, White Lake, etc for at total distance of approx 95 Kms. Ride can be lengthened as necessary.

NOTE the Venue and Time: Stinsons on White Lake Rd 7:30 am, sharp departure.

Temperature will be in the mid twenties; wind north-west at 20. Who wouldn’t want to ride in that?

As for the ride, this is all about rollers and hills and will be non-stop (that is no coffee stop) until we arrive back at Stinsons. This, in part, because there is nowhere to stop and in part because of the extreme temperatures. As usual, it’s steady as she goes, with minimal delays on the road. Bring gels, bars, water, electrolytes, etc. Liquids will be a key element tomorrow.

Alert: Important information: These are ‘no-drop’ group rides. It’s steady as she goes (conversational style), except for the hills where it’s every man for himself. Regroup at the top. Honest effort required by all. New cyclists welcome.

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Okay, Ride your bike! Bye bye, ac. Comments always welcome at arnpriorcycling@bell.net; https://twitter.com/ArnpriorCycling

Reminder to register for the Upcoming Tour de Bonnechere August 21 Details: http://tourdebonnechere.blogspot.ca/  MEC August 28 Details: http://events.mec.ca/event/105321/mec-ottawa-summer-century-ride-2016-summer-century. We have six regular weekend riders registered for the TdB plus SB. MB, KB. Not sure about MEC.

Also, worth a read: http://www.bikeradar.com/gear/article/is-your-training-sucking-the-fun-from-cycling-47747/