July 30/16: 96 Kms; 3 Hrs 23; 966 Metres; Seven Riders

Let’s face it, there are no hills in these parts (except Foymont). There’s nothing long as to take an hour, or hour and a half, to climb. We have, at best, three-minute climbs. Why, even the Gatineau, other than in its number has no climb of any length. They are only several minutes long. So, when we talk about climbs, it relative to the area. One can phoo phoo the very idea of hills in these parts. It’s basically flat but it’s all we have to work with. That’s why hill repeats make sense. It’s the repetition of hard effort in successive order that builds power and strength. We can’t duplicate a 14 kilometre climb at 8% or a 7 kilometre climb at 6% or a long stretch of leg cramping rollers. We adapt to our topography and make the most of what’s close by. Failing that, we can revert to riding the flats and suffer from jelly legs every time there’s a rise in the road. That’s no fun.

Having said that, that was a ride and a half this morning. The outlook was grim at Stinsons, with little support from any quarter for what lay ahead; but, in the end, there were grins all round. You can tell from the photo that spirits were high. Well, something was high. What began with no enthusiasm for the workout ended with the satisfaction of just having done the thing. There was a sense of accomplishment in the effort expended. You just should have been there. Not to be repeated anytime soon.

No group ride on Monday. If you plan to ride, let me know and I’ll put in you touch with other like-minded people.

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Cyclist High

Cyclist High