July 16/16: 98 Kms; 3 Hrs 13; 631 Metres; Ten Riders

Well, that was another good morning with like-minded companions on the bike.  An overcast sky kept the temperature in check. We fought with the wind for sixty plus kilometres before we gained the upper hand at the Four Corners. From here home was a breeze, literally, with the north-west wind pushing us forward at speed. We weren’t full gas, as they say. We saved something for Campbell Drive where a long downhill took us to the highway overpass. It made for an exhilarating final ten kilometres; but, you knew that already. You just should have been there.

Here’s the tentative plan for Sunday, assuming winds are from the west:

Meet at Stinsons at 7:30 am 7:30 am and ride to Renfrew (again) via White Lake Rd to Conc 9 to Waba Rd to Campbell Side Rd to White Lake to Burnstown to Renfrew for coffee at Tim’s on Bruce St; home via Bruce St. and Castleford, River Road, etc. for a total distance of 80 kms+-.

NOTE the Venue and Time: Stinsons 7:30 am, sharp departure.

As usual, the plan is to keep moving, with minimal delays on the road. Bring gels, bars, water, electrolytes, etc. Liquids will be a key element tomorrow.

Temperature will be in the mid to high teens; wind west at 15. Who wouldn’t want to ride in that?

As for the route, we ride the rollers on Burnstown Rd and the Bruce St dump hill (always fun). Nothing serious and shorter than to-day’s ride. This is day two so we’ll relax and sing and spin our way to coffee. The route from the hwy to Castleford is always a favourite. Not to be missed.

Alert: Important information: These are ‘no-drop’ group rides. It’s steady as she goes (conversational style), except for the hills where it’s every man for himself. Regroup at the top. Honest effort required by all. New cyclists welcome.

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Okay, Ride your bike! Bye bye, ac. Comments always welcome at arnpriorcycling@bell.net; https://twitter.com/ArnpriorCycling

It was my thirtieth year to heaven
     Woke to my hearing from harbour and neighbour wood
        And the mussel pooled and the heron
                Priested shore
           The morning beckon
     With water praying and call of seagull and rook
     And the knock of sailing boats on the webbed wall
           Myself to set foot
                That second
        In the still sleeping town and set forth.
99.9% Pure

99.9% Pure