June 19/16: 87 Kms; 2 Hrs 46; 499 Metres; Five Riders

Howdy, again. It’s dads’ day, which would account for the low turnout this morning. Lots going on at home, I guess. Still, we saw Scott and MB on Stevenson enjoying a father-daughter ride. Doesn’t get better than that. And, we glimpsed Angelo (on his homeward leg) in the big chain ring booting it back in time for breakfast with his young son, Bruno.

If you’re a dad, I hope your children are close at hand. If they’re young, why that’s a special time not to be missed or taken for granted; and, if they’re older, well maybe they now think you’re special. Time works its magic, mostly.

As for the five of us roadies, it was full steam ahead in what were excellent conditions. Glenn was steady and sensible; Keith wanting to make up for yesterday’s aborted ride had lots of energy to spare; Joe had his usual mojo at work; and, Neil exercised demons with  eight kilometres to go, when he and Keith mistook that long straight away on Russett Drive for the last race lap on a velodrome track. Yes, you just should have been there. And, you can next weekend when we’ll do it all again.

Wow, what a difference a week makes. Extreme temperature fluctuations are now the norm. To-day, we took shelter indoors from the heat and sun at coffee time, shunning the outdoor patio; whereas, last weekend, we had to take shelter from the cold and the wind. Weird.

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Grave Matters

Grave Matters