Okay, hello. This is not the official notification of Sat’s ride. But rather, some pointers on safety, at least from my point of view:

A clean bicycle is a beautiful thing. A clean bicycle is safe bicycle. A grimy bicycle is a neglected bicycle. A neglected bicycle is an unsafe bicycle.

Why care? Well, we ride carbon fibre frames, mostly; but, even alloy frames don’t last forever. And, with all the shake rattle and roll of country roads, things creak, loosen, and break. Think of cleaning your bicycle as an after-ride ritual. You bless, give thanks, anoint with cleansing water, and inspect. It’s elemental.

In the process, one may notice scratches, tyre pressure and crud, loose headsets, spoke tension, worn brake pads, misaligned QR’s, dirt in the chain, wobbly sprockets, and stressed joints. Your bicycle road-worthiness depends upon you. It’s subjected to immense forces each time you ride.  So, please do regular mechanical safety checks and ask your favourite bike shop to do the Full Monty once a year.

Right, details of Sat’s ride to Pembroke is pending final negotiations with the on-road boss.

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New cyclists welcome.

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