May22/16: 87 Kms; 2 Hrs 57; 664 Metres; Nine Riders

That pain in your legs is good. Let me repeat that: “That pain in your legs is good.” That means you’re building muscle – stronger muscle. Physiological adaptation to the new workload leads to progression. And, over time, progression leads to higher achievement. Can’t argue with that. You just have to train in relation to your cycling goals.

To-day, we hit the road running. It was full metal jacket straight into a north wind; then, it was a cross wind as we turned at Castleford for Renfrew, with Neil tapping out a steady rhythm up and over the first inclines before the road settled into a 2-3% pitch for the next 08 kms. At Garden of Eden, Keith took a long hard 4 km pull directly into the north, at the end of which he said wryly, “that was no tail wind there!” Still, from my position in the shadow of the wind behind him, he pedalled with ease and measured effort.

On Pinnacle, we had a brief respite as we rode to hwy 60, where a right turn took us again full-on into the wind. But, at Butler Road, we finally cornered the wind. And, while it wasn’t perfect, it was a welcome relief. The lads were in fine form; and like a Wells Fargo pony express, we changed leads often to ensure a timely arrival back at Stinsons. Yes, you really should have been there as Keith, Blair, Keith again, and then Neil, and then Keith again rode the last kilometres from Mill Ridge down Russett for ‘the barn.’

Exhillaration – no need to say more.

Here’s the tentative plan for Sunday:

Meet at Stinsons at 8:00 am 8:00 am. Details of ride to be determined by the those who show up. A few of the lads have expressed interest in a 50 km +- cycle. I’m not able to ride. I’m ensnared by the domestic. Weather is looking good for a recovery ride.

NOTE the Venue and Time. Stinsons and 8:00 am, sharp departure.

Alert: Important information: These are ‘no-drop’ group rides. It’s steady as she goes (conversational style), except for the hills where it’s every man for himself. Regroup at the top. Honest effort required by all.

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New cyclists welcome.

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