Saturday’s ride (130 kms) will be quite a bit longer than we’re used to. The elevation gain is around 1000 metres. We’ve topped a 1000 metres a couple of times already; so, all told, we should be okay. I’ll post details on Friday afternoon. Meantime, just wanted to remind us that safety on any ride is paramount. We can’t control the vehicular traffic. But, we can lessen the likelihood of an accident by riding in a predictable manner. This means observing the highway traffic act, looking our for each other, and following the best practices for safe group riding.  Let’s not put our fellow riders in jeopardy. Please read and memorise these points:

  • Be predictable
  • Don’t ride directly behind the wheel in front; ride slightly to the left or right; leave a gap
  • Do not overlap the wheel in front of you
  • Don’t stare at the wheel in front you; look beyond it
  • Hold your line
  • Ride over small obstacles rather than swerving to avoid them
  • Maintain the flow of the pace line by upping your cadence
  • Minimize/avoid use of brakes
  • Don’t slow down or stop suddenly
  • If you have to slow down, stop, turn – use hand signals to alert fellow riders
  • Don’t send you bike back when changing from seat to standing position

Okay, bye bye, ac. Comments always welcome at;