Well, hello.

Where is the rain, you’re asking? Beats me. It’s an often heard lament. The call was right but the timing was wrong, a bit like unbuckling your seat belt before you’ve stopped the car; or, think equities – buying Bre-X days before geologist, Michael de Guzman, falls out of a helicopter. Well, I guess the timing and the call were both wrong.

Hey, Paul Reichmann got it wrong, too, back in 1990’s when he ran out of cash for Canary Wharf. His vision for a financial district over-extended his cash resources. He had the right idea and the right place but the wrong time,  a bit like the clean-up hitter at the plate (3 and 2 – full count) thinking fast ball but gets a curve. Strike out.

Reichmann brought his project forward during a decline in the world’s economy. He misread the pitch. And, with his London properties half vacant, cash flow dwindling, and investors fleeing, his firm was placed under administration. Eventually, the banks took control and finished the project. And, the rest they say is history. Canary Wharf is to-day one of the most valuable commercial districts in the world.

Now, I’m left to ponder whether my recent property purchase is ill-timed or fortuitous. What about you – how’s your timing?

Okay, so, I’ll be right eventually. It will rain to-day – but when?

But now, to the point of this post. It’s early days yet and I thought it timely to remind us all about some tried-and-true  commandments of safe group riding. Commit these behavious to memory. There will be a test. Timing is everything, right.

  • Be predictable
  • Don’t ride directly behind the wheel in front; ride slightly to the left or right; leave a gap
  • Do not overlap the wheel in front of you
  • Don’t stare at the wheel in front you; look beyond it
  • Hold your line
  • Ride over small obstacles rather than swerving to avoid them
  • Maintain the flow of the pace line by upping your cadence
  • Minimize/avoid use of brakes
  • Don’t slow down or stop suddenly
  • If you have to slow down, stop, turn – use hand signals to alert fellow riders
  • Don’t send you bike back when changing from seat to standing position

Fingers crossed for next weekend. The plan for next Saturday is Quyon – an honest 100 kms. Ride during the week, if you can.

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Okay, Ride your bike! Ride safe. Bye bye, ac. Comments always welcome at arnpriorcycling@bell.net; https://twitter.com/ArnpriorCycling