April 24/16: 71 kms; 2 Hrs 27; 554 Metres; Eight Riders + RT

Two days of riding in less than ideal conditions: one cold, the other colder but both engendering the same upbeat response, “I’ll see you next weekend.”

That affirmation beats the feeling expressed after a heavy meal, “I’ll never do that again.” But, we do, riding to eat, and all.

Now cycling takes the mind away (briefly from food) and from the quotidian minutiae of one’s life. If it’s not the beauty and tranquility of the countryside, then, it’s the intensity of a hard climb or the happy chatter of voices up and down the pace-line or the clever repartee at coffee.

Riding a bicycle jettisons the ordinary with no more effort than swinging a leg over the saddle and dropping it to the pedal. Life is always good on a bicycle, even when it hurts. And, if one’s mind does drift back to the ‘real’ world, then, it’s to see it in greater clarity – to return home with insight or resolve or renewed commitment or with a new way forward.

Riding a bicycle is a mobius strip to another world – different but the same.

Riding a bicycle is about being not doing. It’s going out and coming back different.

Well, where did that come from? I suppose it’s Spring; and life is bursting anew. It’s hard not to get excited at the sight of spandex, and new bicycles even if they’re not one’s own. Congrats to EC. It’s a beauty, and well spotted in the rafters.

Okay, Sunday was good, a bit short on distance but long on climbing for this time of year. Well done to everyone. That’s 10% more mileage than last week. We are on track. Be patient. As the Brits say, “early ripe, early rotten.” The TDF is rarely one in the first two weeks.

Right, that’s it for now.

Ride your bike! Bye bye, ac. Comments always welcome at arnpriorcycling@bell.net; https://twitter.com/ArnpriorCycling

“When the spirits are low, when the day appears dark, when work becomes monotonous, when hope hardly seems worth having, just mount a bicycle and go out for a spin down the road, without thought on anything but the ride you are taking.” A C Doyle 1896

Home and Happy

Home and Happy