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Well hello. It’s been awhile since we last had a conversation. I’ve been off the roads of Renfrew County for two months. The effects of this can be seen already in thighs and quads now with less muscle and more flab; in my heavy breathing and laboured steps, in a trouser belt that sits increasingly uncomfortable around my waist. My hair is thinning, too. And, I think too often on my passing youth and I fear the advance of age. When shaving, I see many signs of my ‘best before due date’. I ignore them, of course. Who wouldn’t deny the inevitable decline and the daily reminders of decay. And, so, I ride on for as long as I can, when a more sensible person would say enough, “Let it go.”

Okay, so that was all a big dollop of malarkey, especially the bit about my hair. Who am I kidding. I’ve been thin for years. And, yes, the signs of an aged body are all there. Don’t laugh. Your time will come. Enjoy and revel in the day while you can. I do – distorted as it is by myopic vision and strident denial of the passage of time. Cognitive dissonance is a wonderful thing. It affords one the illusion of awareness without the compulsion to resolve the dissonance. Sometimes, that’s for the best. Rage rage and all … .

So what – let’s ride.

Here is a tentative schedule for 2016 for your consideration:

I’ve penciled in some dates and distances and some routes . This is  subject to change based upon rider comments and weather. What follows is much the same as we’ve done in past years, except with a greater emphasis on hills. The weekend mileage presumes you’re riding two or three times during the week.

As for April, it is always a difficult and unpredictable month. The cold and rain may interrupt our training schedule but come May we ride regardless of the weather. As a rule we don’t ride in the rain in April but we do ride in the rain in May. Fun, isn’t it.

Here is the tentative RLCT training schedule for  2015:

  • April weekend rides (Sat & Sun) will be in the 50 – 75 km range/day weather permitting.
  • April 30/May 01: 175 km weekend, includes either Quyon or Kanata or both
  • May 07/08: 200 km weekend, includes either Quyon or Kanata or both
  • May 14/15: 235 km weekend, includes Mtn Chute via Pucker St (MEC 100 km ride May 15?)
  • May 21/22: 230 km weekend, includes Hopetown – Calabogie
  • May 28/29: 270 km weekend, includes Pembroke
  • May 30/31: 200 km weekend tbd
  • June 04/05: 150 km weekend tbd
  • June 11/12: 350 km weekend RLCT –
  • Other events for 2016 include the MEC and Tour de Bonnechere rides in August

Okay, Ride your bike! Bye bye, ac. Comments always welcome at;