Aug 23/15: 93 Kms; 2 Hrs 59; 458 Metres; Six Riders

Okay, hello. Super ride this morning. I know that sentiment is repetitious but just have to call a spade a spade. Ace of spades – in fact, four aces. Full deck, no Joker. The distance was a bit short of the advertised amount because of a change in the route at the last-minute by the organisers; otherwise, it was well run, with water stops every 30 Kms. Perfect, as were the conditions. We rode under cloud cover. There was a slight breeze/head-wind but it was not a factor. All the lads rode well. I had to play marshal occasionally to curb the enthusiasm. Still, this didn’t hold Keith back on the last fifteen kilometres when we caught on to a fast-moving group of young riders. We kept our powder dry and stayed with them. It was a furious finale over the last rollers into Carp. You just should have been there.

Kudos to Joe and Sam. They rode the 160 km route. Also, to Raymond who rode to Carp and back to Arnprior for 165 Kms!!

Right, as noted previously, I will not be coordinating the rides for the next couple of weeks. But, don’t fret, Mark has agreed to be the point man. He won’t be issuing blog posts but he is on twitter at @mark_gurevitch.

Mark asked me to keep this message simple: the rides will start from Stinsons at 8 am on Saturday and Sundays. There will be no prior notice, unless he posts a Twitter message on Friday and Saturday afternoons. Please check Mark’s Twitter account at Routes and distance to be decided by the group before the ride. Sounds like a coup to me.

Okay, bye bye, ac. Comments always welcome at;

MEC Aug 2015