Aug 16/15: 97 Kms; 3 Hrs 09; 1060 Metres; Ten Riders

Well, that was fun; and, that was satisfying because it took a strong, disciplined effort to complete; and, we did it! Congratulations to everyone who participated. Now, I know, we won’t be riding with the pros any time soon . Still, accomplishments are relative. Pleasure and joy are not the sole purview of the elite; and, the laurel crown sits easily on any head. Participation has its own reward, as does hard work. Well done, I say.

Now, if there’s one thing we learn and relearn about riding distance and hilly terrain, it’s that training is essential, as is a positive outlook, a sense of adventure, drive and  tenacity. Having a goal helps, too, as well as having an objective – all these ingredients combine to make a successful ride. You’ll notice I have said nothing about the quality of the bicycle itself or the wheel-set or the cassette or the length of one’s socks. It’s true a marvellous bike and good gear will contribute to the overall experience but the meat of the meal is served on a plate of fitness and adequate preparation. Contrary to the latest media reports, bicycles don’t pedal themselves.

So, I’m pleased with the results of our training regimen, and our collective effort on the tour; and our steady pace throughout, which allowed us to pick off riders in groups of twos and threes, right to the end of the ride. Immensely satisfying that was. Our patience at the start, paid off. We measured our effort well. It was a great day and a great ride. Special mention to young Sam (37.5 average speed) and Marcel who both finished well under three hours. For those that missed the TdB, you just should have been there. Now where do I sign up for next year’s Tour de Bonnechere? You’ll join me, won’t you?

See you guys next weekend. If you are not a regular and you would like to join us, please check the blog on Friday afternoon for details of Saturday’s ride. It will be a coffee, cake, and culture tour – short and easy because we’re riding the MEC on Sunday. So come out and enjoy this great cycling weather. We’ll ride on some lovely back roads. Hope to see you. Until then, ride your bike. Stay safe.

MEC Cycle August 23. Details here: I’m registered for the 100 kms.

Perth Cyclesportif: Saturday, September 26: (I’m not doing this ride)

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