August 08/15: 103 Kms; 3 Hrs 23; 920 Metres; Eight Riders.

Okay – done and dusted, and elated. Hold me down. I’m so high from the ride I’m likely to float away. The only thing missing this morning was an extended shoulder on the main roads. The local authorities need to wake up to the popularity of cycling. We are not going away. Also, what’s with the last three kms of Pucker St. It’s like a scene from a horror movie: cyclist rutted by rampant, gaping holes, leaving no safe passage. On other matters, I admit that the coffee stop wasn’t ideal. That coupled with the dead weight of a recently ingested snack proved a bad combination when tackling the hills to Burnstown. Next time, we will ride the last section first and then enjoy the pleasant, alfresco ambiance of the Neat Cafe.

For those that missed the ride but know the route, you don’t need reminding of Pucker’s rollers; the wide and open, back country expanse of Whalen; the exhilarating pace on #132, the mad dash over to Burnstown, and the long run down to Stinsons on #508 and Russett, where Keith and Raymond and Eric throttle for home. You know, you just should have been there.

Right, here’s the tentative plan for Sunday:

Meet at    !!!!!Canadian Tyre parking lot (Daniel  St.)!!!!!    at 8 am 8 am and ride to Carp to see Alice for coffee. Route via Galetta to Logger’s Way and Diamond View to DBM, etc; home via Carp Rd and TDPrkway, Stonecrest, Kinburn Sd Rd, Cnty Rd 5, Galetta Side Rd and Dwyer Hill for a total distance of <80 Kms. As promised, this ride will be easier than to-day’s. The pace will look after itself because we’ll moderate the effort – sweet and easy to bring you back out again.

Just a reminder, it’s steady as she goes. These are ‘no-drop’ group rides. Weather 17 C to start but warming up nicely, with winds N & NE at 10. Should make for  a nice return journey from Carp. Come out and enjoy this great cycling weather on some lovely back roads. Ride your bike!

If you can join us, that would be great.

Bonnechere August 16: – details here: I’m registered. Are you?

MEC Cycle August 23. Details here: I’m registered for the 100 kms.

Perth Cyclesportif: Saturday, September 26:

Okay, bye bye, ac. Comments always welcome at; https://www.twitter.comArnpriorCycling

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