August 01/15: 79 Kms; 2.34 Hrs; 669 Metres; Eleven Riders

Well, the Garden of Eden Road lived up to its billing; and, the lads, with a following wind, made the most of the smooth pavement and gentle undulations, as they raced towards Bruce St. Similarly, on White Lake Road with its downward bias, the lads flew towards Stinsons but now the wind was side-on and it rendered the pace-line ragged.  Not to worry, the conditions were good enough to bring us to Country Style Gas Bar in short order, where we enjoyed a CM before we each heading off home. You just should have been there.

Okay, it’s a hard truth that while legs turn the pedals no amount of cash will turn the clock back. There is no ‘fast’ in old, unless it’s in fast decline. Still, in these matters, stubbornness is a good thing, as is denial, and delusion, and hope. One can always hope but there is no denying Time, even if it is really only a concept, according to the physicists. It does feels real; in fact, it also looks real in the mirror every morning. What’s to be done?

Okay, here’s the tentative plan for Sunday:

Meet at Stinsons at 8 am 8 am and ride to ???? not sure. I have a couple of routes in mind. It will either be a meander to Burnstown via Stewartville and White Lake or we’ll ride to Pakenham via Burnstown and White lake to Campbell Side Rd, Waba, etc. The first option is only 60 Kms or so the second option is 73 Kms. Winds are expected to be SW. I’m trying to avoid crossing Hwy 17. Would like to ride to see Alice in Carp but the SW wind is not favourable.

Just a reminder, it’s steady as she goes. These are ‘no-drop’ group rides. Solo interval riding is for the week days. Weather 20 C+, with winds SW at 15. Generally unsettled conditions. Some humidity and a chance of rain around 1 pm. Same as to-day.

Will take the pace off a bit on Sunday. Hope that’s okay with everyone.

It’s holiday time so some of the lads are out-of-town; not sure who will show up.

FYI, in case you are interested, I plan to take a break from coordinating these rides as of August 16. Need a change. Hope to see you this Sunday.

Bonnechere August 16: – details here: The last day for on-line registration is July 31, to-day. I’m registered. Are you?

MEC Cycle August 23. Details here:

Perth Cyclesportif: Saturday, September 26:

Okay, bye bye, ac. Comments always welcome at; http://www.twitter.comArnpriorCycling

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