July 25/15: 97 Kms; 3.10 Hrs; 330 Metres; Five Riders

Hello. This will be short because of bike issues this morning and a failed attempt to fix them. Will post photo later.

Nice to see two new riders: Ben and Gilles. Gilles if you see this please email arnpriorcycling@bell.net. Would like to talk. Wasn’t able to say hello because of my derailleur explosion on Madawaska Blvd.

Here is the tentative plan for Sunday:

Meet at Stinsons at 8 am 8 am and ride to Renfrew. Route yet to be determined. Pace will slower than normal because of my 50 km time trial to meet up with the lads in Carleton Place. Don’t have a lot of oomph just now. Also, won’t be riding my #1 bicycle – gearing issues, etc. Sorry.

Just a reminder, it’s steady as she goes. These are ‘no-drop’ group rides. Solo interval riding is for the week days. Weather 20 C+, with winds NW at 10.

It’s holiday time so some of the lads are out-of-town. Not sure who is about. Hope to see you.

Bonnechere August 16: – details here: http://tourdebonnechere.blogspot.ca/. The last day for on-line registration is July 31.

MEC Cycle August 23. Details here: http://events.mec.ca/event/44386/mec-ottawa-century-ride-2015

Okay, bye bye, ac. Comments always welcome at arnpriorcycling@bell.net; http://www.twitter.comArnpriorCycling