July 12/15: 77 Kms; 2.35 Hrs; 647 Metres; Nine Riders

Okay, that’s a cumbersome title but it’s on the money. It’s a kinetic marvel that such a simple thing as pedalling a bicycle can give enjoyment and pleasure. Of course, it helps to have good companions with a common interest to share in the joy of the physical effort. Because really, it would not be half the fun without the effort. We all know that there is little satisfaction derived from lying on a couch. Exertion stimulates the mind. An uphill climb not only improves the view it also sweetens the downhill run to the finish. It is like a piquant sauce to a meat dish, adding flavour and texture to what might be bland and unappetizing. Who would have thought that riding a bicycle would be so much fun, uphill and down. We knew it once in our childhood but to discover the delight again is awesome. Ah, you just should have been there. Hope to see next weekend. Ride on. Ride strong. Ride to the end. May it be a long and beautiful road for many miles yet to come.

Upcoming Tour Events:

Bonnechere August 16: – details here: http://tourdebonnechere.blogspot.ca/. The last day of on-line registration is July 31.

MEC Cycle August 23. Details here: http://events.mec.ca/event/44386/mec-ottawa-century-ride-2015

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Roadside Flowers

Roadside Flowers