June 20/15: 97 kms; 3 Hrs 11; 523 Metres; Four Riders; plus June 20/15: 37 Kms; 1 Hr 09; 148 Metres; Two Riders

Okay, hello. We had a smaller turnout than last year even though the conditions were excellent. That’s too bad because the MMBM Tour is well worth doing with its varied terrain, tarmac, hard pack, and gravel road surfaces. Also, there is minimal climbing, given the distance covered. All in all – very nice. In fact, it was so nice this morning that Joe rode the MMBM-Tour as well as riding to and from Almonte. Total distance 170 Kms. I accompanied him on the return from Almonte for 134 Km day in the saddle, myself.  Again, the winds were favourable which accounts for the pace.

Well, it’s Fathers day tomorrow but not all wishes for a happy day materialise. My died died on the 21 June 2010. Here is a poem written by my friend upon the death of his dad:

help me; dad, help me

lift me up; dad, lift me up

to the top; dad, to the top

let me see over; dad, let me see over

look what’s here; dad, look what’s here

come on up; dad, come on up

you’re almost there; dad, you’re almost there

I’ll help you; dad, I’ll help you

this way; dad, this way

you’ll make it; dad, you’ll make it

not too fast; dad, not too fast

hang on; dad, hang on

I won’t drop you; dad, I won’t drop you

set you down easy; dad, set you down easy

into the earth; dad, into the earth RDC

I regret that there will be no group ride on Sunday because of the weather forecast. Every time I look at the TWN, the POP has increased and there’s the threat of thunder showers. So, I’ll err on the side of caution, it’s every man for himself. Sorry.

But, if you were interested, this was the tentative plan: Ride to Carp (for coffee with Alice) via Galetta and County Rd 5; home via Donald B Munroe, Diamondview, Loggers Way, etc. Also, there would have been a surprise detour but that will have to wait for another day.

Bye bye, ac. Comments always welcome at arnpriorcycling@bell.net; http://www.twitter.com/ArnpriorCycling

Primed and Ready

Primed and Ready