May 31/15: 66 Kms; 2 Hrs 16; 560 Metres; Six Riders.

Now, this is not difficult for children with little sense of the past and little of the future. No plans. Just do. Just be. Their present reality is not encumbered by anything other than the moment. I graduated from this state a long time ago. Have been trying to get back there ever since. No success. Some of us are there already; a fortunate few never have to go back because they never left. Thoughts of GS and his cycle coffee at the Neat come to mind. Contrast this with onwards and upwards, the march forward, and two minutes. The route may differ but the destination never. No matter how we go, we go in the end.

Okay, that’s it. Done. Finito. Nothing left to do. What remains is the ride itself. Relax, I’m trying to.

Sunday’s ride was windy but pressure free, cool, and enjoyable. And, the lads did exercise their democratic rights by calling into question the planned route. They opted for a shortening of the distance. I didn’t realise that choice was on the ballot. Oh well, compromise works best. And with planned activities for later in the day, that decision proved a good one. Besides, an extra 10 kms of riding would not have added much, if anything, to the fitness tank.

Okay, good luck to everyone on the RLCT June 06/07. Details to come via a separate email later in the week.

Ciao for now. ac. Comments always welcome at;

ps: I couldn’t load the ‘the last photo of Gregg at coffee at the Neat’.

Last Known Photo of GS in McNab-Braeside circa May '11

Last Known Photo of GS in McNab-Braeside circa May ’11