May 24/15: 89 Kms; 3 Hrs 1 Min; 491 Metres; Seven Riders.

What is there about that stretch of road on Wolf Grove Rd from Union Hall to Almonte that irresistible to cyclists? Is it the buttery smooth pavement, the mostly downhill but rolling terrain, the urgent call of a tail wind that demands a response; or is it the anticipation of coffee soon to be enjoyed at The Palms; All of these, yes, but this morning they were merely the tinder waiting for someone, Mark in this instance, to ignite the fuse: it was fiery, it was grand, and it was glorious. You just should  have been there.

Yes, it was a fine morning’s ride and a good test of the legs. The wind was no friend. It took us all sharing the work in a cooperative exercise of equipoise to mount a reply to mother nature. Thanks to everyone for their contribution to the effort. Bonhomie on a bicycle is one of life’s little pleasures. I hope you join us soon.

Okay, there you have it. Now for next weekend – well, my first thoughts are for a lumpy ride on Saturday (about 100 kms) and for a coffee, cake and culture  ride on Sunday of 75  kms. Stay tuned.

Bye bye, ac. Comments always welcome at;

ps: This would be a good week to buy your powder, bars, gels, spare tubes, tyres, tyre-boots; to make any final adjustments to your bike position, your cleats; to tighten all bolts, quick releases, true wheels, etc. We only have about 200 kms of weekend training left plus whatever you do on your own time to get things right. Try to get a 100  kms on new tyres before the RLCT. Check tubes for value stem length. You know the drill but sometimes it helps to be reminded. ciao

Country Lads

Country Lads