May 17/15: 92 kms; 3 Hrs; 477 Metres; Eleven Riders. (Distance is round trip to start; ride time excludes coffee stop)

Well, hello. Now, that wasn’t that fun: great conditions – warm air, gentle winds, uptempo pace with upbeat friends. High energy abounded. What a way to start the day: riding a bicycle in the country in the good company of fellow cycling enthusiasts. It doesn’t get better than this. You just should have been there!

And, you can tomorrow, when we’ll do it all again. Here’s the tentative plan:

Meet at Stinsons at 8 am 8 am and ride to Pakenham via Conc 8 (Mountain Cr) to Waba Rd to Pakenham for coffee and sweet buns at the general store; home via Kinburn Side Rd and Dwyer Hill for a total distance of < 50 kms. This is a special coffee, cakes, and culture ride (bring your partner, if you wish). We’ll keep the pace easy (25 km range). The legs need active recovery. A short, easy ride is just what the doctor ordered. Weather as of now is looking good, with SE winds. For those wanting to do a longer, faster ride, they can ride to White Lake and Campbell Side Rd to meet up with us on Waba Rd. For my part, I’m opting for the easier pace and the shorter route. Hope you will consider riding, regardless. It’s all part of our well formulated training plan for the RLCT. Active recovery is the order of the day. Besides, you will be back home before you know it.

On the weather, rain is forecast for the early afternoon but we will miss this unless the system comes in faster than predicted. FYI.

Best wishes and good luck to Marcel in his final week of preparation for the Ottawa marathon. Just a heads-up Marcel, there is no rest on the downhill in that sport!

Bye bye, ac. Comments always welcome at;

“Ever bike? Now that’s something that makes life worth living!…Oh, to just grip your handlebars and lay down to it, and go ripping and tearing through streets and road, over railroad tracks and bridges, threading crowds, avoiding collisions, at twenty miles or more an hour, and wondering all the time when you’re going to smash up. Well, now, that’s something! And then go home again after three hours of it…and then to think that tomorrow I can do it all over again!” JLondon

Morning Coffee

Doesn’t get any better than morning coffee with fellow cyclists