May 16/15: 130 Kms; 4 Hrs 10; 968 Metres; 10 Riders.

Okay, those are the words of a man unfamiliar with his own kitchen. Oh, well, necessity is the mother of invention. Just scoop it out to a piece of bread. Now where’s the salt? Yum. That word would work for to-day’s ride as well, especially the petite repast at the Neat. But, seriously, that was a five-star training ride, in no short measure because of Perry and the chase that ensued on #511. Cat and mouse, you say. Dangle and then pull away. Good fun. You just should have been there.

But, tomorrow, we’ll ease the pressure, drop the mileage and eschew the climbs for a gentle pedal to Kanata. It’s a muscle recovery ride and you will just want to be there for an Americano and biscotti after 45 kms or so.

Here’s the tentative plan:

Meet at Canadian Tyre Parking Lot (that’s Cdn Tyre Parking Lot) at 8 am 8 am and ride to Kanata Starbucks via Galetta, Logger’s Way, Diamondview, Carp, etc; return via Carp and Panmure to Dwyer Hill for a total distance of 90 kms(?).

Bye bye, ac. Comments always welcome at;

Ready for More

Ready for More

Missing from photo: MG, EC, BG

ps: that’s cdn tyre parking lot at 8 am!