May 10/15: 95 Kms; 3 Hrs 12; 505 Metres; Four Riders – KO, RT, JG, HC

Windy with some patchy rain this morning. There was just enough for the temperature to have dropped when we left Tims. Nothing serious but it sure was nice to have the gilet at hand to keep the wind out. If you don’t have one, they’re grrreat!

All in all, the conditions made for a quick circuit, climbing and all. Easy stuff for Rob and Keith who seem to ride steadily whether up or down: effortless – in the way the sportswriters used to describe Gordie Howe’s fluid skating style. It looks easy enough but try to do it yourself. That’s a different story. They say the power is all in the legs or in the big pump in the chest. They are necessary but not enough without the head for it. Such was it on #508 to Russett to Stinsons. Sweet sixteen again. You just should have been there.

A big hello to Gregg, Neill, and Karen who met us at Stinsons on their way to Carp. We hesitated slightly. Should we join them and make a seven from four. No dice. Work before play. We resisted and headed into the wind, knowing that dessert is better served after the main course. Pure pleasure and 10% happier again.

Right, next Saturday, we ride our hardest circuit – not our longest but our hardest. You’ll need fresh legs for this one. So keep your training light on Thursday and Friday.

Oh, and a big shout-out to Marcel, who will run the Ottawa Marathon in a couple of weeks. Looking good!

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