Okay, hello and welcome to this post about Saturday’s ride. We are committed now. All signed up and ready, except for the requisite training. Last weekend was a test of will, if not fitness. It’s no fun to ride in lousy weather. We all agree on that. But, the weather changes and we are in luck this weekend. Saturday is looking good and presents us with a great opportunity to test the legs and the lungs on a 100 km ride up the valley and across the river into Quebec. Yes, it is time once again for the Quyon circuit. And, I have good news: the road from Bristol Township office to Hwy 148 was resurfaced last Fall. Just confirmed this with Public Works. Now, you have no excuses. But, you were thinking of coming no matter what, right. Good. Still, some of the lads can’t make it because of other commitments. Not sure who’s coming. I hope you are. Here are the tentative details:

Meet at Old Orchard Lane at 8 am 8 am and ride to Quyon via RR and Storyland, Portage du Fort, Bristol, Norway Bay, Quyon, the Ferry, Fitzroy Harbour, etc. Total distance estimated at 105 kms. Base riding pace, since not everyone has the miles in yet. There is no coffee on this ride. Please bring an energy bar or two. We will stop in Quyon at the gas bar. No breakfast at Pine Lodge. Sorry.

Recent news from PD: I want to send out a safety alert to fellow cyclists about a dog on Burnstown road. I had a bike riding accident Wednesday as a result of a dog. The location was biking from White Lake to Burnstown just past Fraser’s Quarry. There are a few houses up the road from there on the same side of the road. The house was a brown bungalow fairly close to the road with no fence in the front. The dog was mid to large-sized and greyish-brown.  The dog was not violent and didn’t bark but he charged GS and I on our bikes. The dog jumped right in front of me and I crashed, breaking my clavicle.   The homeowner wasn’t home but someone else was in the house and when they opened the door, as GS and I were passing by, the dog got out and came right at us. I want to give a heads up to other cyclists and document it in case it happens again. As well, I’d like to know if the dog has come out at other cyclists before? My own recollection is this is the first .

Okay, that’s it. Be careful. PD is off the bike for six weeks. Bummer. Stay safe.

Bye, bye. ac. Comments always welcome at arnpriorcycling@bell.net; http://www.twitter.com/ArnpriorCycling

“We think time cannot touch the dead, but it touches their monuments, leaving them snub-nosed and stub-fingered from the accidents and attrition of time” HM