April 26/15: 80 Kms; 2 Hrs 53; 596 Metres; Nine Riders: JA, PR, KO,KK, EC, BG, JG, PD, HC

Well to-day’s news was Perry’s new-to-him bicycle, an Argon. That just means the rides will be faster now, I guess. Better up the training quotient – again. Always a pleasure to see Jeff and this time on his Granfondo BMC — very nice. Eric gets the ‘best dressed cyclist’ tip-of-the hat; and Joe, the most aggressive. Where does it get that energy? The other news is — note to self — empty Keith’s water bottle. He is not nearly as fast when he’s cramping-up.

Well, it would be hard to question anyone for staying home on this grey, overcast, cool, uninspiring morning. Fortunately, the hills helped amp the internal temperature. It didn’t take long; Braeside, I think did the trick. We soon got into a ‘pull-through’ pace-line which gave everyone a chance to generate some heat and to share the work. Eric said it best when quoting from a well known website: “there is no champagne, only pain” on the bike; or words to that effect. It’s true and beautiful, too. Or, to borrow from Yeats (completely out of context):  it’s a terrible beauty. I hope you can come back for more next weekend.

Stay tuned for details.

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Burnstown Bridge Break

Burnstown Bridge Break