September 20/14: Five Riders; 88 Kms; 2 Hrs 53; 526 Metres

Well, as we left Stinsons this morning, there was gloom in the air. We all felt it but no one said anything about it, for fear of initiating the event. Just the same, everyone was thinking the same thought: ”we’re going to get wet.” You probably know that sinking feeling when a situation leaves one helpless  in the face of circumstances. The rain was about to fall and we had no place to hide. That was the bad news.

The good news was that the air was warm, our spirits high, and there was a faint prospect of good riding ahead of us.

We would not be denied.

So off we pedalled, with only a nominal regard for the black sky overhead and the showery entrée being served to us on Campbell Drive by mother nature. Perseverance has its own reward. And, ours soon followed at the Valley Carver where we doffed jackets and gilets and gloves to welcome the changing weather. By then, we knew what we all know: it is better to ride than to be at home (looking out the window) wishing to have ridden.

Yes, you just should have been there to enjoy the run into Renfrew from McNaughton on #132 and again on #508 and on Flat Rapids and on Russett Drive into Arnprior when it was, as Keith would say, ” pay-back time”.


A big thank-you to Raymond and Shawn for their wind-break on the gnarly sections.

And, we send Marcel good luck as he runs in the Army Half Marathon on Sunday.

Coming Events: Keep Oct 04/14 open on your diary for the Tour des Ponts. See for details. I’ve had a some expressions of interest. Would be nice to receive more. What do you think? Weather permitting of course.

What about tomorrow, you ask? This time ”No” means there is no group ride planned for Sunday. Yesterday, it was for the referendum. The lads commented that the “No” in yesterday’s post and the fact that no one actually reads the posts contributed to the low turnout this morning. The heading said it all. There you go.

Bye Bye, ac. Comments welcome at;

Brownie Break

Brownie Break