September 06/14: Seven Riders; 99 Kms; 3 Hrs 12; 639 Metres. nb: mileage is from the start point round trip and elevation gain is adjusted for survey way points, so it should be accurate.

You know, the conditions this morning were as good as you might wish for, albeit one might prefer a more benign wind. But, really, you couldn’t ask for better: the temperature was perfect, the sky magnificently blue, the harvest  fields brilliantly golden, the sunflowers ripe and ready for threshing. And, to top it off, we had a heady tail-wind for forty kms pushing us home. You just should have been there, even if it meant all was periodically at max.

One complaint, however. No coffee stop. Whose idea was that. The director is on notice!

We  channeled our inner Chris Froome on the climbs, and it worked; spinning as we were in high cadence right to the very top. Just can’t beat riding the roads of Renfrew County. Hope to see you all again soon.

Kudos to Joe for not giving in to the pain. Big hello to Shawn. Nice to see you again.

Reminder MEC 100 next Sunday so we’ll ride easy next Saturday. We should be well prepared now, since the elevation gain on the MEC 100 is less than what we’ve trained for. That’s why we ride the hills.

Finally, just a thought about that woman killed on the Ride the Rideau yesterday. I don’t know the details. But regardless, it is a stark reminder to us to ride safely. We absolutely must look out for ourselves and for each other. That means predictable riding within the pace-line, no untoward movement, no erratic change in direction, etc. Also, it means stay out-of-the-way of vehicular traffic at all costs.

Bye bye, ac. Comments welcome at;

Last leg, NW wind - Sweet

Last leg, NW wind – Sweet