Hello and welcome to this post. How was your week? Bet you can’t wait to get on your bike and ride with your buddies. There is no life like it, as the saying goes. At least, that was Peter’s sentiment on Tuesday, when the two of us took a light training ride. It was his first official day of retirement (age 57). Free at last, so to speak. The air was warm, the winds were light, the pace easy; there was no strain on body or mind; life was good. So may it continue for a long time.

Actually, by the mid-sixties, one can expect to live another twenty years. That’s good news on the one hand but on the other hand that’s not a long time, really. Prompts one to make the most of what’s left. Or, at least, be thinking of the end-of-time. Of course, the actuarial tables are statistically valid and supposedly account for outliers. I think cyclists are outliers. Recent studies (2007) of 834 TDF cyclists from the 1930 -1964 era revealed that these cyclists lived on average to age 81.5 vs 73.5 for the general population. I wonder if that holds true for the TDA cyclists of to-day. Now, Gregg would cite J.P.A. Loannidis (2005) and say we should be skeptical of research because ”Most Published Research Findings are False.”  So he might call this TDA 2007 study bunk but I say, let’s keep on riding.

Okay, it may be too early to sing the last rose of summer but it is not too late to enjoy the life we live.

Here is the tentative plan:

Meet at Stinsons on White lake Road at 8 am 8 am and ride to Haley’s Station via Burnstown, Opeongo, McNaughton, Butler, Hwy 60, etc; Home via the Four Crns and Storyland for a total distance of approx 100 kms, with some moderate climbing on the route. The forecast for tomorrow’s weather keeps changing. As of now, it’s calling for 18 – 20 C, with NW winds of 20. This is another of our great training circuits. It will put us in good stead for the MEC 100 next weekend. The wind will be tough, so all hands on deck. If you can make it, that would be great.

Get out and ride your bicycle.

Don’t forget to register for the MEC 100 September 14.

Bye bye, ac. Comments welcome at arnpriorcycling@bell.net; http://www.twitter.com/ArnpriorCycling