September 01/14: Ten Riders; 82 Kms; 2 Hrs 36; 353 Metres; Tfwnd 180 Kms.

Repose after effort is a desirable thing, even a necessary thing, and an enjoyable thing. Shall I say that I have been in repose. There are many small unremarkable pleasures in one’s life: a hearty meal after a long hike or paddle, rest after play; a long,  steep free-wheel after a difficult short-pitch of a climb, a furtive  ice-cream cone just before boarding the Quyon Ferry, an extra helping of dessert when the extra calories don’t matter, the laughter and good humour of a group ride with fellow cyclists … . I know I lead a sheltered life. You can add your own to this list.

So, I have had a rest and enjoyed the langour of a late summer snooze after a most enjoyable ride. Thanks to everyone who rode this morning. The conditions were good and we made the most of them and the excellent pavement on Garden of Eden and Braeloch to crank up the pace. Priceless. You just should have been there on a morning when several of the heavy hitters were in clean-up position, with the bases loaded. Wow! Just can’t beat cycling on the roads of Renfrew County. Wish you could have been there. Maybe next weekend. I hope so. Stayed tuned.

Don’t forget the MEC 100: We have ten registered (including Gregg and cohorts) plus three or four other possibles. Why not sign up now?

”Shall we go and lean by the river/in the dusk and peace under the old red bridge/where the water is clear as the mind never is” christy brown

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