August 30/14: Six Riders; 97.6 Kms; 3 Hrs 31; 539 Metres.

Autumn is in the air. You can see it in the scattered leaves. You can feel it in the air. There is just a different quality to the countryside now. Still, one knows the smell of a new season is upon us. Yes, Fall has wedged its foot firmly in the door of summer. It can’t be closed now. There is no going back.  So, let’s make the most of these remaining days of summer before the door is blown wide-open. Let’s ride.

Here is Sunday’s tentative plan: Meet at Stinsons on White lake Road at 8 am 8 am and ride to Renfrew via River Road and Storyland and Garden of Eden Road to Bruce Street and Tims; home via Lochwinnow and Stevenson Drive for a total distance of approx 90 Kms, with some moderate climbing up through the rock-cut on River Road; otherwise, just rollers. Tomorrow’s weather has improved. It will be very warm at 21C – 25C, with SW winds at 16-20 kms/hr. This should be an easier effort than to-day’s but the SW winds will make for a gusty trip. Don’t be shy. Get out and ride your bicycle. Would be nice to see six to ten cyclists on this one to help with the wind.

Caveat: If the weather deteriorates, I’ll post a cancellation notice by 6.10 am; otherwise, the ride is on. There is a 40% POP around 11 am but with the warm air forecasted, this should not pose a problem.

Some news:

– Angelo is a new dad with a son born a week ago. Congratulations Angelo.

– Nice to see Joe G join us this morning one of our more difficult rides. Well done. Come back again.

Bye bye, ac. Comments welcome at;

Enjoying a cup of joe

Work almost done … .

Missing from the Photo: Joe G.