Hello and welcome. You know,  I had some doubts about tomorrow’s ride when I heard the forecast a couple of days ago. But, it now looks as if we should have fair conditions for the morning. Let’s make the most of it because the time is fast approaching when we will be donning leggings, booties, arm warmers, gilets and jackets. Oh, what a thought!

Not tomorrow though, you can ride unencumbered. Don’t miss it. But, hey, I have a vested interest. The more cyclists the less likely an old guy like myself will be left alone. Not sure who is about. It’s the last days of the holiday season. Keith is in Edmonton at the Canadian Senior Championship Event. No results available at this time.

Okay, what’s up? Meet at Stinsons on White Lake Road and ride to Calabogie via Goshen and Pucker and Norton; home via #508, for a total distance of approx 80-90 kms. Effort moderate, some climbing. Weather 16-23C, with winds from the south at 15 kms. But, we just know the wind will be higher.

If you are wondering, this route will test your legs but it’s not such a long ride. Should be a good tune-up for the MEC 100 on September 14. Have you registered yet? I hope so. We now have six registered, with the expectation of others to register soon. There are 113 spots remaining.


See you in the morning.

Bye bye, ca. Comments welcome at arnpriorcycling@bell.net; http://www.twitter.com/ArnpriorCycling