August 24/14: Six Riders; 82 Kms; 2 Hrs 52; 472 Metres; TFwnd 186 Kms.

Well, summer is back. And, it’s about time, don’t you think. How long will it last? But, wasn’t that just a super weekend for cycling, especially Sunday. Hey, I was even happy to be applying sunscreen again. No complaints about the wind from anyone about anything.

Still, it was a ride of unequal parts, with a short, fast beginning; a long, slow middle; and a dramatic, powerful end. The first part was erratic and quick, like a balloon full of air but untied at the neck and released, only to fall limp to the ground, its fuel expended. That was me on the first climbs. And, so began my long, slow recovery to the coffee stop. After which, that brief rest and the caffeine fueled new vigour for the high-spirited ride home.

Overall, it was a good choice for day two, our second day of riding; a legacy route, as Rob called it. It was straight forward at first until I surprised the lads with a curve by suggesting we ride the hills to Burnstown rather than via Bruce Street and Castleford, as originally planned. That would have to wait for another time.

No problem; no hesitation. The lads never shun hill-work.

So, off we pedaled from Tim’s uptown for an uphill, roller coaster thrill of a ride.

It didn’t take long. The separation began on Thompson Hill, with Mark, Keith, Rob, and Perry off the front and up and over Apple Hill about fifty metres ahead of Kevin and me. They were soon out of sight, propelled in part by Mark’s sense of humour and uptempo pace. I just should have been there! Next time for sure.

But, this was not the end of the fireworks or the fun. We regrouped in Burnstown and rode to Stewartville before the thrill of the chase on Flat Rapids/Russett Drive, as we tore for home-base at Stinsons. Mother Machree! You just should have been there! That called for a large chocolate milk afterwards. A big thanks to the lads for two super cycling days.

Stay tuned for next weekend’s ride details. Not sure what we will do yet. OBC has a ride from Carp.

Also, don’t forget to sign up for the MEC 100 on September 14: There are only 136 spots remaining.

Also, Perry sent me this link:

Also, the RLCT is June 06/07, 2015. Put that on your calendar now!!

New riders welcome.

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Summer Smiles

Summer Smiles