August 17/14: Nine Riders; 97 Kms; 3 Hrs 13; 717 Metres; TfWnd 150 Kms.

Well, we rode into sunshine, after a cool, shivering start to the TdB.

But, this didn’t last long, as the rush from the gate soon had us all unzipping jackets to reduce the rising internal temperature from the hard effort. Yet, we (Mark, Kevin, Rob, Raymond, and I) fell behind, having been passed by several groups of riders intent on a hell-bent pace for the hills, some thirty kilometres down the road. Yet, even on Foymont Road itself, there were sufficient bumps to test the legs.

Fortunately, we had Rob and Raymond setting the pace. And, not being ones to panic, they resisted the chase-down urge, knowing that Mr Cormac, Mr Brudenell and Mr Opeongo, the principals,  would soon be calling for order. And, so, it was by the thirty kilometre mark we had reeled in most of the escapados, having kept our powder dry for the rout. And, by the rest-stop on a height of land on Opeongo Road, we had them all except for the first two groups containing Marcel, Perry, and Kelly.

Kudos to them and the others who rode the tour in under three hours … in the living thunder of the moment.  In fact, Kelly took second place in her division. You just should have been there. This tour was a blast and the bountiful feast at the end was most welcome. I think we’ll put this one on the calendar for 2015!

Also, a big thanks to Marcel and Scott, both of whom encouraged us to register for the TdB in the first place. Good call!

I don’t want to get a head of myself but the 2015 RLCT is scheduled for June 06/07:

Speaking of calendars and upcoming events, check out this site for news of the MEC September Event:

After your ride: Rehydrate and refuel: Join us at Carp’s own fantastic Alice’s Village Café for a back yard shindig. Enjoy a gourmet pulled pork sandwich with delicious fresh salads (veggie options too!) and a refreshing pint of Beau’s All Natural Brewing Co  beer, all included in the $35 ride price! Check the routes: 100km Route –

Okay, I know, you only want to know about this Saturday’s ride:
Meet at Stinsons on White Lake Rd at 8 am 8 am and ride to Kanata for coffee via White lake Rd, Conc 10, Blakeney Rd, Panmure to DBM and Carp, etc; home via Carp, Baird Side Rd and DBM, Logger’s Way, etc for a total distance of approx 105 kms. Effort s/b moderate but steady. Weather forecast is for 17-22 C, with winds from the East at 10 Kms.

bye, bye, ac. Comments welcome at;

Time to Enjoy

Time to Enjoy

Hills? What hills?

Hills? What hills?