August 16/14: Six Riders; 53 Kms; 1 Hr 50; 209 Metres.

Rain Rain Rain Rain Rain Rain Rain Rain Rain. I guess it is going to be an early winter. Who would have thought that summer would end by mid August. Unbelievable cool temperatures but when all is said and done ”better to-day than tomorrow.” That is, if you can trust the forecast.

There was not much banter on this morning’s ride. Keith was trying out Dave’s aero-wheels. He (Keith) will be harder than ever to pull-back now. Good luck to him as he defends his Ontario age category championship in Windsor this week and in defending his Canadian age category championship in Calgary in two weeks time.

As for the rest of us (seven) will be riding the TDB on Sunday. Unfortunately, Mark missed the deadline to register. Eric expects to ride the 60 km route with his kids and Margaret will ride the 18 km route with two of her daughters. There may be others I just don’t know? Still, it won’t be a bad showing for us.

Well, this morning we left Stinsons in the rain and we returned to Stinsons in heavier rain. It has been awhile since I had wet feet on the bike and the rooster tail shower took some getting used to. All in all, we decided to not stop at the Neat instead we rode on to Tim’s in Arnprior for their new dark roast coffee. It wasn’t a thumbs-up according to Max. I really want to say that you just should have been there but the cool air and chill that greeted us upon leaving Tim’s dampened the spirits. It sure was shivery weather. I hope for better on Sunday.

Okay, I’m done. See some of you tomorrow. There will be no post after the TDB.

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Corn High!

Corn High!