August 10/14: Six Riders; 71 Kms; 2 Hrs 14; 292 Metres; 205 Kms TFwnd.

Six riders this morning all eager and ready to clip in, including Rob and Neil who rode from Fitzroy and Stewartville, giving them a hundred kms on the day by the time they unclipped. Well, we didn’t get the wind direction just right for the home stretch on Dwyer Hill but we did get one sweet ride from the turn at Burnstown to White Lake and all the way down Waba Rd into Pakenham. In fact, I imagined I was on the Tour, what with the pace at 40+ for much of this. But then, I realised that the Tour boys would be riding at 65-75 kms/hr in these conditions. Still, this didn’t diminish the exhilaration of the ride. And, it only got better, as Keith and Perry chased down Rob and Neil, who had bolted off the front on Waba Rd, taking us until Pakenham itself before we bridged the gap. Mother Machree! You just should have been there. We all agreed that Rob needs a cyclometer. He rides by feel, and like the wind, unbridled by metrics or measure.

A big thanks to Keith and Perry who helped me when I fell off the back of the train. Greet stuff.

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PS: Cycling seems such an insignificant thing in light of world events but is perhaps no less of a necessary thing in light of world events for those fortunate enough to have the freedom and the  interest and the opportunity to ride.

Every day

”War is not declared anymore,/but simply continued. The terrible/is an everyday thing… ./The uniform of the day is patience,/its decoration the shabby star/of hope above the heart”

Sunny Days

Sunny Days