Hello and welcome. The good weather continues while we live and play in a bubble, protected by the thin veneer of civility we show each other. Meanwhile, in far away places, fanatics terror the innocent in biblical outrage. The dispossessed flee to a mountain top while their pursuers cut off food and drink, block their descent, and wait for their inevitable glorious massacre. And, this is 2014.

Still, the amygdala is alive and well in Arnprior. One of my neighbour’s reprimanded me, in the manner of a youth called to the principal’s office,  for misspelling his wife’s hyphenated name. Hey, we don’t have enough to worry about so we find fault in the picayune. This guy was serious, almost apoplectic in his own biblical outrage.

So, how was your week?

Okay, let’s play ball. Here is the tentative plan: meet at Stinsons at 8 am 8 am and ride to Mountain Chute via Burnstown to Pucker St to Norton to #508 to Mtn Chute; home via #508 to the Neat (if it is not too busy) for coffee. Total distance approx 130-135  Kms. Weather forecast is good with temperatures from 17C-25C and winds N/NW at 10 Kms. This will be a hilly ride; so we would be advised to keep our powder dry until the turn for home. Don’t forget to bring some energy bars to eat en route. This is our last big training ride before the TdB. Don’t miss it! Expect a good turnout.

Bye bye, ac. Comments welcome at arnpriorcycling.bell.net; http://www.twitter.com/ArnpriorCycling