August 04/14: Ten Riders; 72 Kms; 251 Metres; 2 Hrs 18; TFLwknd 284 Kms!

Well, Goldilocks conditions or what. Sweet. It was difficult pulling back on the distance this morning, It was just that good. If there was a morning to extend the ride, it was this morning. In fact that is what Scott did – 135 kms. But, on day three, for some of us, it was enough – in the sense that it left us wanting more. Now, that’s what I call a good recipe for a return encounter. Wow! Ten cyclist at the start: eight old timers and two new faces, Scott and Alex. This made for a pleasant ride, mostly in double formation for the duration, and with lots of chatter up and down the line, except when a bump or extended incline required accelerated breathing. This was the case for some of us on Panmure when Rob and Angelo showing no regard for the slight tilt in terrain took the pace up-and-up till we crested the modest highway 17 overpass. This left no doubt that the run home would be exhilarating. You just should have been there.

And you can next weekend. I have a great route in mind if the weather and wind co-operate. You’ll like this: Arnprior to Mountain Chute via Burnstown and Pucker St to #508 (via Norton) and on to the Chute; home straight back down #508 for coffee at the Neat. Total distance approx 135 Kms from Stinsons. This is a tentative route only. Bet, you can’t wait.

Nature Watch: several turkeys on the Carp Road and they weren’t intolerant drivers.

Okay, bye bye, ac. Ride your bike. Comments welcome at;

Alice likes spandex

Alice likes spandex