August 03/14: Twenty Riders (ABC); 115 Kms; 396 Metres; 4 Hrs 30.

Well, that was a different group ride for us and by all accounts enjoyed by everyone. Most of the riders were from or affiliated with the ABC. There were only four of us plus Dorothy. Perry rode 160 kms, three of us rode 115 kms, and Dorothy 64 kms. Not a bad effort. My apologies to Max and Eric and to Andrew. I guess we could have had our own group ride but I was unaware of the interest. By my reckoning on Saturday evening, there were only two of us committed to cycling on Sunday And, I couldn’t even get Gregg interested. Sorry.

A big thanks to Les H for organising the ride. That’s him in the photo taking the photo (below).

Okay, it’s late and I’m out of energy for any meaningful recap of the day’s events. Suffice it to say that Keith showed us how to stay calm under the pressure of fixing a flat in front of two dozen onlookers, as we waited for the Ferry to arrive from the Quebec side. He did it. Hands down.  – no sweat. And, while that was an unlucky event for him, his bad luck was to continue. The bad news was he got a second flat some 114. 85 kms into the ride. The good news is that he was back at his car in the Arnprior Library parking lot. Horseshoes or what. You just should have been there to see the smile on his face. Now there is a lesson for us all. Be thankful for the little good things that happen even when circumstances prompt one to curse. Well done Keith.

Okay, I know what follows next is the only part you really read with any interest; so I’ll just get to it. What’s the plan for holiday Monday, you ask?

Meet at the Canadian Tyre Parking Lot for 8 am 8 am and ride to Carp via Old Hwy 17, Galetta and Cnty Rd 5; home via Diamondview, etc. Coffee with Alice (no vintage draught there). Total distance will be approx 75 kms. Since this is day three, my legs are not happy. Will need your help. Hope to see you in the morning. Let’s keep it light. Bring a friend.

Bye bye, ac. Comments welcome at;

Ferry me home

Ferry me home