August 02/14: Five Riders; 97 Kms; 3 Hrs 16; 669 Metres

Well, change was the order of the day. I made a last-minute adjustment to the route because of a switch in the wind direction from SE to SW. So, we rode up White Lake Road as planned but then headed to Burnstown and Renfrew and Pinnacle Hill via Opeongo Rd and McNaughton and Bulter. Once up Pinnacle, we rode to Garden of Eden and back into Renfrew for coffee at the Bonnechere cafe. All was fine on the ride and with the route, albeit the heat was high. There were no complaints though. And, if there were to have been any, Keith would have reminded us of the weather in February. Now that thought would cool anyone.

As did the welcome air-conditioned space of the BC. There was no question of sitting alfresco. Instead, we enjoyed the inner coolness and made little effort to move outside again until Marcel inquired of the route home. My hesitation prompted Marcel to suggest riding back over the Burnstown hills. ”We have to train for the TdB, don’t we?”,  he remarked. Well, you just should have been there as we jumped to our feet, knowing there was no rejoinder to that. So, off we went to Burnstown and onwards to White lake, just to throw in a few more bumps. Now, all told that was a solid, honest training ride.

A big thanks to Marcel for tapping out a steady rhythm on the hills that enabled us all (me) to stay together.

Okay, what’s the plan for Sunday? Well, the plan is a bit of a change (that’s common theme to-day) from our usual group ride, in part because many of the regular lads are not riding. So, I’ve decided to join the Almonte Bicycling Club on one of their unofficial club rides. The plan is to ride to the Quyon Ferry for 10 am to meet up with the ABC, and then ride to Shawville (via Norway Bay) for lunch. Should be fun. ABC has fifteen riders coming.

So, if you are interested, meet me at the Arnprior Library for 9 am 9 am sharp start for 24 km ride to the Ferry via Old Hwy 17 and Galetta Side Rd. Here, we take the Ferry to Quyon and then complete a 62 km circuit for a total distance of approx 110 kms. Lunch is at the Shawville pub. FYI, this ride will likely be moderately paced. Sorry, if this doesn’t meet everyone’s expectation.

Ride with Gregg, I haven’t heard back from Gregg yet. Please contact Gregg at

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Bridge Break

Bridge Break