July 05/14: Ten Riders; 103 Kms; 3 Hrs 20; 485 Metres

Welcome to Blair who joined us from Kanata and who rode as if this was just second nature to him. And, welcome back to Angelo and Simon. Nice to see you guys again.

Well, the ten stout lads at Stinsons this morning made for a quick start and a fast pace for the duration of the ride. Marcel was the catalyst. It didn’t take long for his spark to catch tinder. There were plenty of eager riders to follow his lead and to add their own fuel to the fiery effort. All in all, just a great ride, especially along hwy 132 and then later down Russett as Marcel ramped the pace, so that even the flats required special effort to maintain contact. You just should have been there to enjoy the whirr of tyres on smooth pavement, the exhilaration that comes from a full-out effort, and the joy of the chase.

For tomorrow, we will dampen the flame somewhat as well as the distance. Here is the tentative plan:

Venue: Canadian Tyre Parking Lot on Daniel St at 8 am 8 am

Route: Carp to see Alice for coffee via Galetta Side Rd to Woodkilton to Tomas Dolan; home via Donald B Munro and Diamondview;  Distance: 78 Km approx

Effort: Definitely slower than to-day!! Weather: 16-25 C with SW winds

Would be nice to see several riders to help with the pull into the wind. We will be fighting the wind in both directions, most likely.

Okay, bye bye, ac. Comments welcome at arnpriorcycling@bell.net; http://www.twitter.com/ArnpriorCycling

PS: there is no Ride with Gregg tomorrow but any RWG cyclists looking for a change of pace are welcome.

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