June 30/14: Five Riders; 51 Kms; 1 Hr 46; 246 Metres.

The purpose of these stats is two-fold: 1) an official recap of the ride for those who rode and 2) to give a sense of the ride to those who may be thinking of joining us. They also serve as a reference point for future rides to give accurate details of that proposed ride.

This morning we had a leisurely start, albeit it was hard going into the wind. This and some hills I added for good measure was just enough to test the legs and remind the lads they had cycled for three days in a row. All this effort took us to The Neat for coffee where we met Gregg in his civies, he having decided that too much fun is not a good idea. We left him there with The Economist under the shade of a leafy arbour. I think he is still there!

Our second-half, as Keith would say, was ”pay back time.” You just can’t beat a following-wind and a long downhill to make for a high cadence and easy of pedaling. As we approached Hwy 17 under Rob’s steady pull, we turned for Mill Ridge Road to avoid, temporarily,  the sun’s harsh glare. At Flat Rapids, we were in full furl for an America’s Cup-like  sail for the finish line; but not as individuals rather as a team powered by delight at the day’s offering, and we so lucky to be a part of it. You just should have been there.

Yes, ”We are blest by everything/Everything we look upon is blest”.

I regret to say that there will be no group ride on July 01. Stay tuned for details of the weekend’s ride on Friday.

Bye Bye, ac. Comments welcome at arnpriorcycling@bell.net; http://www.twitter.com/ArnpriorCycling

End of the Line

End of the Line