June 28/14: Ten Riders; 109 Kms; 4 Hrs; 300? Metres.

Summer time and the living is easy. Now is the time for alfresco dining. Not to be missed in this climate when the opportunity presents itself. Serenity almost complete at Pine Lodge after breakfast except for the lack of several hammocks to cap a most pleasant meal. But, then again, there was no after meal port either. But, hey, this was a bicycle tour not a ship cruise. So off we pedaled to our appointment with the Quyon Ferry, some twenty or so kilometres away, where we clambered aboard and lost ourselves in its new largeness. Yes, blue sky and hot sun pursued us all morning as we tried to outrun the rising temperature and the up-tick in the wind. Tough task but it beats trying to outdistanced the rain on a cold April morning. And, what can beat a tailwind on Dwyer Hill to finish off the ride? You just should have been there! And, you can on Sunday when we ride again.

A special note to Jane and Gregg, who joined us to-day. Thanks guys. Well ridden Jane.

Here is Sunday’s plan:

Venue: Stinsons on White Lake Road at 8 am 8 am

Route: Concession Ten to Pakenham to Clayton Side Rd to Tatlock Rd to Wolf Grove Rd to Almonte for coffee; return via Martin Rd and Blakeney; Distance: 97 Kms

Pace: Conversational (it is going to be hot!!); Description: lots of up and down riding.

Weather: 22 C – 30 C, feels like 37 C

Bye Bye, ac. Comments welcome at arnpriorcycling@bell.net; http://www.twitter.com/ArnpriorCycling

Where's the hammock?

Where’s the hammock?