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Well, the weather forecast is good for Saturday and that means we are good-to-go for Quyon. I hope you find some delight in this prospect. You just don’t want to miss this ride up River Road and down to the Chenaux Dam into Portage and over to Bristol and Pine Lodge for breakfast, and then on to Quyon to the new ferry for a water-ride to Ontario.

Anticipation is a piquant spice, don’t you think.

You are probably thinking, yes, bacon and eggs and hot coffee and toast and a side plate of  good humour and conversation — all to be enjoyed alfresco on the patio or in the Road House Restaurant.  I hope you join us for what should be a most enjoyable ride. Certainly, the likelihood of several other riders will make this a great group ride. You’ll just want to be there.

Here’s the tentative plan:

Venue: Meet at Old Orchard Estates (email if you need directions); Time 7.30 am 7.30 am

Route: Arnprior to Quyon (Ferry $3.00) to Arnprior, with a stop at Pine Lodge for breakfast

Pace: 25 – 30 km/hr; will find a tempo to suit; regroup on hills, etc; this is a group ride!

Distance: 100 Kms; Description: Some climbing but most of that is in the first thirty kms; otherwise, some small bumps along the way and a final long, gradual climb from the Ferry up to old hwy 17 and Dwyer Hill.

Weather: 21-27 C, hot; winds from the south at 10 kms/hr

FYI, some of the Ride with Gregg cyclists will join us. There is no alternative ride scheduled for Saturday but Gregg tells me he is likely to organize a Sunday ride. Contact Gregg at gwsheehy@magma.ca for details.

Bye Bye, ac. Comments welcome at arnpriorcycling@bell.net; http://www.twitter.com/ArnpriorCycling

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Can't wait for bf!

Can’t wait for bf!