June 22/14: Four Riders; 83 Kms; 2 Hrs 47; 404 Metres; TFW 178 Kms

What a perfect morning for a cycle. It would have been nice to share this with you. The fields are in blossom and full of fragrance. You just should have been there to take it all in.

Hello, I say hello. Is there anyone out there? Now, that is a big question.

A bigger question is does that change anything?

Well, we changed this morning’s route and thank goodness we did because that made all the difference. The legs had no jam for Pucker St. and the mind was dreading the thought.  Now, that fact didn’t stop Keith from doing an extended sprint on the Burnstown Rd from the apple orchard into Renfrew. Nor, did it stop Keith and Perry from a long chase-down of a tractor on McNaughton. Raymond and I had front row seats as they sped off. Well actually they were gone with only a quick nod to each other, each knowing what the other had in mind. No words necessary. They are practised in this art. You just should have been there. You too could have watched them disappear from view, unless of course you had the legs and heart to follow suit.

And, all this happening after the police  barred us from continuing down Butler because of a burnt out truck in the corn field. So, we had to do an about turn and retrace our route, eventually arriving at Tim’s for a well deserved coffee. No word here about the driver in the truck and little thought of him either (alive or dead or injured). Such is the precariousness of life and and precious, and such is our inconsequential lives.

Okay, the Quyon Ferry is running. That means (weather permitting) we will do the Quyon circuit next Saturday, stopping for breakfast at Pine Lodge.  Will post details on Friday. Let’s hope the good weather holds for awhile yet. Gregg and some of his Ride with Gregg cyclists may join us for this one. Should be fun. Can’t wait.

Other considerations  is a breakfast run to Wilderness Tours. Thanks to Keith for this suggestion.

Bye Bye. ac. Comments welcome at arnpriorcycling@bell.net; http://www.twitter.com/ArnpriorCycling

Me and my shadow(s)

Me and my shadow(s)