June 21/14: Nine Riders; 95 Kms; 3 Hrs 29; 309 Metres. 101 Kms Paris-Roubaix for Mark and Marcel!!

Well, if lasting memories arise from new experiences, then, our ride this morning will prove to be a full store house for many years. It was, you might say, not what we expected. But, that was not the organizer’s fault. It was a comedy of errors so to speak, beginning with a simple missed turn on the road. But, hey, once you’re going the wrong way, it is hard to stop, especially if you are a male. Compounding this was the sheer delight of Mark and Marcel of having discovered some truly back country roads. Well, roads is not the right word. I suppose rough beaten track, with ruts on either side and grass or mud or water down the middle and strewn with rocks everywhere. Take your choice. We had it all. I don’t even think a farmer would call it a path fit for cattle. It was really the infamous ABC Paris-Roubaix cycle route we had stumbled upon. It was meant for mountain bikes or, at the very least, cycle-cross bicycles, not fancy 22 mm tyred-bikes nor cyclists wearing road pedals.

Fortunately some of us ‘righted’ the route before we turned down Forest Rd. But by then, it was too late for Marcel and Mark. They had disappeared into the wild, with branches closing behind them as they dissolved into the greenness of the forest itself and weren’t seen again until they emerged triumphant back in Almonte, having ridden the better part of 101 Kms on the real back roads of Lanark County. You just should have been there to greet them at Coady’s Parking lot. Priceless and worth the price of admission!

Yes, Mark and Marcel get the smiles of the day award and the award of the day for adventurous spirit

Fall of the day awards go to Mark and Harold, who both hit the dirt, and that description is being generous – but no damage done.

Biggest Ice Cream award of the day goes to Keith

The Staying on Course award goes to Perry, who didn’t miss a turn all day.

Finally, Surprise of the Day award goes to Dorothy. She was at Clayton General Store. Just how did she get there ahead of us. I suppose she didn’t make any false turns either!

”Okay, enough already. What’s happening on Sunday?” asks Perry

Here is the plan: Unless you guys have another one

Venue: Stinsons on White Lake Rd at 8 am 8 am

Route: Burnstown-Pucker St-Whalen-Hwy 132-Renfrew Tims or Neat cafe for Coffee, your choice.

Distance: 90-100 Kms, I think; Pace: lots of hills so nothing crazy

Weather: 16-24 C with light winds from the N and NW.

Bye Bye. ac. Comments welcome at arnpriorcycling@bell.net; www.twitter.com/ArnpriorCycling

Are you sure this is the way?

Are you sure this is the way?