June 08/14: Nine Riders; 170 Kms; 425 Metres?;  5 Hrs 38

June 09/14: Nine Riders; 173 Kms 321 Metres?; 5 Hrs 41 TFW 343 Kms!!

Okay, well done. Favourable winds, good weather, good company  –  and when all was said and done, good and tired. That about sums it up. If we have to endure wet and cool training rides and missed weekends in April and May, let it be; it is all good, if the sun shines and the winds follow the wheel on the first weekend in June.

Two great days (in a row). We pinched ourselves on Saturday. Couldn’t believe our good fortune. Only to find that we had to pinch ourselves twice on Sunday. How do you say ‘fair’ and ‘fairer;’ how do you say ‘good’ and ‘better’?

A big salute to our riders, who all rode to make sure we remained a group for the duration of the ride (both ways). Sure, there was the occasional uptempo, good spirited run off the front and the follow-up mad chase to capture the escapados – not always successfully. But, no one was complaining because the regroups were quick and effective, especially on the hills,  where a modulated pace was the order of the day(s). Good spirits prevailed throughout, with the stronger riders sharing the front-going.

Kudos to Rob for his long pull into a steady headwind as we closed in on Kingston and to Eric for his metronome pedaling for several kilometers on the long road to Keelerville. Also, a big mention to Raymond for a gnarly pull on a bad road into the wind to Kars (not our favourite place). Still, we were happy to arrive there and we soon took advantage of the seats and the shade at the General Store. No one said much. Each in our own thoughts until Rob summed up what we were all calculating, ”Just an hour left.” Well said – and we made short work of that, even overcoming the gravel on 1ST Line Road.

Oh, and have I mentioned Keith’s pace setting from Easton’s Corners. This is a great stretch of road to Merrickville for a full-out effort. Here the long curves, steady rise, and dips in terrain make for interesting riding. Keith didn’t disappoint as he gradually upped the tempo, as Terry commented, to ”TDF speed.’

We all hung on as the big engine pulled us forward.

And, finally, not to forget Mark’s memorable flamme rouge commentary as he rode (with the wicked). You just should have been there! And, you can when we do it all again in 2015. Here’s hoping anyway.

Notables Achievements: Raymond and Keith with Ten RLCT in a row! Rob, with Eight. Congrats. Sorry, I don’t have numbers for the others at this time.

Okay – bye bye, ac. Comments welcome at arnpriorcycling@bell.net; http://www.twitter.com/ArnpriorCycling. ps: This weekend’s rides will be posted on Friday

Where's Raymond?

Where’s Raymond?