Okay, hello. All is ready for the RLCT. It’s a go. Weather is looking good. The lads are keen. Can’t wait. No sleep tonight. Big day tomorrow. Bet you just wish you were there, with us.  And, you can next year when we expect to do it all again. Meantime, wish us well as we ride to Kingston.

But, there is good news for those of you remaining at home. Gregg has a ride to Almonte planned for Sunday. If you are interested, please email Gregg at gwsheehy@magma.ca for time, venue, and details.

Okay, I’m borrowing this week’s post from SK. Thought you might enjoy his lyrical charm:

“Went for a meager training ride after work just after that good storm gave us some rain today … .

Words just don’t do it justice, it … that fleeting bit of euphoria …. When everything aligns and forms that perfect moment …..

Riding out over the hills of Burnstown road chasing a half rainbow over each hill, bit of mist coming off the tires from the storm just passed … Birds and frogs singing … Crisp sun breaking through clouds and misty fog starting to appear, …. two great blue herons flap silently across a bay …. No cars to be seen … No wind, no sounds but my spinning gears and tires making a whirring sound across the smooth soaked tarmac ….

Not sure that one can be topped as far as riding a bike goes. Even if it was only a moment eh” SK

Bye bye, ac. Comments welcome at arnpriorcycling@bell.net; http://www.twitter.com/ArnpriorCycling

RLCT - 2008

RLCT – 2008