May 25/14: Four Riders; 102 Kms; 3  Hrs 40; 320 Metres; TFW 271 Kms.

Hello – ride hard and rest harder. That brings to mind Wordsworth’s statement about poetry arising from ”emotion recollected in tranquility.” It comes from a mind recreating the past. So, too, a body broken rebuilds and recreates itself – stronger, tougher, fitter.

Okay, a tired hello from me. Early ripe, early rotten. That was a tough day, even though the pace was manageable and the conditions were good. Rob and Keith were great and modulated the pace to suit the terrain (and me). Thanks guys. Also, a thank-you to Mark for greeting us with a grande in hand, a reserved table, and a big smile at Starbucks. Now that was nice.

As for training, this would be a good week to ride as much as you can (but not always hard). The following week is for recovery and rest for the RLCT. If I know one thing, it is that riding smart is not about riding hard and long all the time. Now that I know that will I do anything about it? I know I need to start.

Okay, next weekend, we might actually get to Quyon, if the ferry is operating. Expect the rides to be shorter than usual. The extra mileage won’t do much now.

Bye bye, ac.;

Where's the coffee?

Where’s the coffee?