May 10/14: Eight Riders; 117 Kms; 656 Metres (adj); 4 Hrs 10

Okay, howdy – as the song goes, ”wasn’t that a party?” I’m not sure if we rode home or if we sailed home. Whatever, it sure was a ride. Kudos to Rob for taking all the cross wind at speed on Russett. We were four abreast in an echelon at that point – not quite ready for the Giro TT but training hard. That was some southwester! You just should have been there. And, you can be on Sunday … :

Venue: Stinsons on White Lake Road at 8 am

Route: Haley Station via River Road to the four corners to Hwy 60; home via Butler and McNaughton and Opeongo and the Burnstown Road to the Neat Cafe  for coffee.

Distance: 100 Kms approx; Pace: Steady enough to finish strong.

Description of Route: Some hills but easier than to-day’s ride.

Weather: Wind from the West

Okay, ciao. ac.;

Waiting for the wind to turn

Waiting for the wind to turn