Okay, howdy. It’s the weekend again. It’s raining again. Spring is in the air again. We’re riding again.

The RLCT is coming up fast – June 07-08. (four weekends left to train).

What’s to be done? Here is the plan for Saturday:

Venue: Stinsons on White Lake Road at 8 am (rain or shine)

Route: Mountain Chute via Russett, Mill Ridge, #508 (return) – hey, we need the leg work.

Distance: 124 kms approx and 850 Metres of elevation gain (unadjusted).

Pace: Steady enough to be able to finish strong.

Description of Route: Hilly with potential traffic issues on #508 but a good solid training run.

Coffee: at the Neat Cafe on the return leg of the ride.

Weather: warm with SW winds, some showers.

Okay, ciao. ac. arnpriorcycling@bell.net; http://www.twitter.com/ArnpriorCycling.com

PS: Giro starts to-day in N. Ireland with a time trial in Belfast. On Saturday, the peleton rides the Antrim Coast on Torr Head Road. I walked the length of this last August — beautiful. http://www.steephill.tv