Howdy. Two things: it’s the weekend and its raining. How predictable is that? One other thing you can count on, we’re riding. The weather forecast for Saturday is similar to last Saturday except for the air temperature. That being said if you liked last Saturday’s ride, you will love this one.

Here is the plan:

Venue: Stinsons on White Lake Road at 8 am (sharp)

Route: Hilly and long as in Arnprior to White Lake to Pucker St to Hwy 34 to 132 to S. McNaughton to Butler to Pinnacle to Garden of Eden to Renfrew to Burnstown for coffee (after 93 kms) at the Neat cafe.

Distance: 115 kms aprox.

Pace: Steady enough to finish strong.

Hey, you can elect not to ride. But that would be a vote of non-confidence! How topical is that. I try.

Okay, ciao, ac.;

ps: I’m riding rain or shine. It’s a great opportunity to test wet weather gear? If not now, when?

Hope to see someone.